Friday, October 1, 2010

The days witout u

Baby cookie

Mummy woke up crying for u. Today is sat morning. Baby cookie, u alway noe when it is weekend rite? And when its a sat, u will prevent mummy from sleep late. U jump on mummy body and pants kisses to wake us up. U alway start wif Mummy, followed with Daddy and back to Mummy til we drag ourself up. Baby cookie, mummy miss u so so so much. Do u noe mummy feel like A robort now.

Sori baby nothing seem to ease the pain. Writing to u seem more painful but baby this is the only way mummy feel closer to u. U can hear me rite cookie? Baby, i wish i could just die and be with u. U noe Mummy even tot why not god take mummy away instead.......

Baby, Mummy had sleepless nite. Mummy keep telling myself - cookie baby is with god now but yet this didnt ease mummy pain.

Cookie - do u hate mummy? do u hate me for mummy wasnt there when u need mummy most?

Baby cookie, daddy forcing me out to feed the strays this morning. On yesterday morning, as Daddy sent mummy to work, we saw one Black Mummy dog and a pup roaming ard looking for food. Daddy say we should put our pain into a strength for the stray who need some bit of love. So baby this morning we went to look for them...thiinking of sending them food.

But baby we didnt find them, instead we landed up at an animal resort. We saw horses there, ostrids, rabbits and fishes. The place seem so peaceful. Mummy and daddy had our breakfast there. Its the first time Mummy managed to finish mummy's breakfast. U noe baby? did u lead us there? After breakfast, mummy suddenly think of u. how good it is if u were there wif us. but daddy say u were the one who lead us there so u are watch over us. Baby iszit true?

Mummy finali cut my long hair away. Daddy insist so. To have a fresh start? Mummy did cut eventuali. Baby can u see mummy's new hair cut even when u are in heaven? Do u tink Mummy look better?

Goodnite my cookie. Mummy had to go wash up. Daddy nagging already.

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