Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ur friends

Cookie Gal

U remember "Lion" the silky terrier who stay the opposite block? I m sure baby u would remember. Ur memory exceed what Mummy can think and expect of. Yesterday, Mummy saw the owner and lion and they asked about u?

And that they missed u alot cos our timming of walk alway doesnt reali met.

Baby, Mummy wept when Mummy had to tel them hw u passed on. Mummy reali reali hate it, Hate to go throu telling others, Hate to think of it...and whenever Mummy does think of the way it happen, Mummy start to go into panic attack.
Even rite now baby. A sense of fear just grip Mummy's heart.Mummy also dun noe what i m so scare of.
U noe Baby, u must b very heartpain rite, Mummy had to take pill to calm myself down so that Mummy is able to sleep for the first few days. And Mummy had stop taking the pills for days already.

But last nite, Mummy took grandma's relaxers pill again. And after taking, mummy felt so guilty thinking of your little black face looking at Mummy. Yesterday was a bad evening. Mummy met Lion owner and yet at the clinc Mummy had to face grandma's crying and yet have to be stronger in front of her. Baby, Mummy promiss it would be the last time ok. Mummy promissed to myself and to u ok. Pls forgive Mummy once more time?

Baby cookie, mummy had to tell myself everytime that it fated that it had to happen. My little baby gal, iszit true?

Lion Mummy told us Lion's real mother passed away by car accident. And it happen on that fated day that the owner went out without locking the wooden door, only lock the metal door. They use to do so and Lion mother nv once escape out. But just that very day...she ran out and was knock down by a car. They didnt even manage to find her only hours later. And the cleaner told them that the cleaner was about to discard away the body if they had been a minute late in claiming. Baby, its all fated rite? The time to cum had to cum eventuali? Mummy been telling myself this...its true rite?

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