Friday, October 8, 2010

The Sat

Baby Cookie

Today is the 2nd Sat without u waking Mummy up. Baby, am i a lousy Mummy? Mummy woke up crying again. The more Mummy misses u, the more truth sank in to Mummy's heart and that is Cookie is gone.

Baby Cookie, Mummy cant help thinking abt u. Yesterday, Mummy finali bath Jappy Kor Kor. But Mummy cried aft the Bathing session. Baby Angel, u wont want to see Mummy like that rite? U must b very upsad wif Mummy rite now. U noe when u are angry wif Mummy, ur little black face show. U noti little gal...Mummy miss calling u this way.

Jappy Kor Kor wasnt doing very well this morning. He refuse to eat his breakfast again. Mummy had to chase aft him and even so, he bite one mouth n puke it out. Baby Cookie, is he missing u just as much or is he trying to b funi cos now he is the only wan left? Mummy cant help feeling angry wif him. Nowaday, Mummy seem to b angry over the smallest thing. Baby, if u were ard things wouldnt b like this rite. Mummy's life just isnt complete without u by myside.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I can share your agony. Those mixed feelings that never end...... Please be strong, Jappy can sense your sadness, and this will affect him. My thoughts are with you. Remember you are not alone. *HUGS*

  2. tomyforeverbaby

    Thank you for ur msg. I read ur blog before and was crying then aft i finished reading. Was very touch by ur miss and love for baby.

    The pain i understand just as much now. Everyday waking up is a struggle.True, we have to be strong n going for our saddness the wan left behind can feel it. Pls hug hug ur babies for me. Love them all.