Saturday, October 16, 2010


Baby Cookie

Today Mummy did study in the afternoon. Are u smiling, seeing Mummy studying? Mummy kept telling myself that the more i study, the more cookie be happy. Am i right baby?

We just came back frm grandma place. Mummy cried again. Its a process Mummy had to go through bah.

Mummy having a terrible headache now. Going to take panadmol to sleep soon cos tomolo Mummy going church.

Baby Angel, Mummy is home already. Can u see Mummy? Can u hear Mummy? Can u feel Mummy? Can u cum to Mummy dreams one more time?

Baby...Mummy miss ur smell. Miss ur stomach and ur butt. Miss ur soft fur. Miss ur kisses. Miss ur tiny little paw. Miss the way u hump ur miss piggy. Miss every little bit of u. Do u noe everywhere Mummy goes, Mummy imagine u were stil ard...Mayb this way help Mummy not to feel so bad.

Goodnite my sweet little cookie gal.

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