Saturday, October 9, 2010

A time for everything

Cookie Baby,

Was it meant as an accident? or was it just a way that it should happen? Would it had been better if Mummy was beside u? Mummy hate to tink of the way u passed on cos its just too hurting to see u throug that. Would it be worse if Mummy was beside u then? Would cookie baby be guilty n hurtful to let go of Mummy if Mummy were beside u then?

Baby, Mummy was told that there is a time for everything.

A time of joy and A time of sorrow
A time of birth and A time of death
A time of happiness and A time of saddness
Nothing on earth stands forever

But Baby cookie, Mummy found one thing that will last forever that exist all Time...even if days passess, Mummy love for Cookie will nv fade. Mummy will have to carry on Mummys journey on it painfully...but Mummy will bare this love for cookie til the days Mummy's life on earth is done and that we shall meet again.

U noe baby cookie, Mummy still have not clear away ur pee tray. Mummy just cant bear to do so...but Mummy noes one day Mummy had to so. Ur urine stain stil remains there. And each time Mummy look at the pee tray, the image of u - there peeing flashes back on Mummy mind. Baby, u noe....Mummy just feel so connected wif u. Whenever u poo poo and stain all over ur backside, u little clean frek....u will b so afraid to sit down wif stain on ur backside. Daddy can nv tel when u stain ur backside or when u didnt. But Mummy were so proud of myself that just one look at cookie - Mummy noes. Cos Cookie baby, u will always gave Mummy that weird look...the look that Mummy had no way in describing it. But Mummy noes.

Just like how Cookie noes Mummy tot inside out. Just by one look on Mummy face, Cookie noes Mummy wants Cookie to cum and sit on Mummy lap. Baby Cookie, u noe it rite even when Mummy nv say it out and was saying it in my heart. U seem to hear Mummy's heart dont u?

That how close we are Baby. The love that bond us together....

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