Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going a month

Baby Cookie

Its going a month without u. Times passed real fast. Mummy cant figure out how i have lead this almost a mth time. But stil days passes by each day.

Just rite now cookie, Mummy isnt feeling reali good. The pain of losing u is still so raw...still so new...still so real like its had just happened. Emotions have been like a rollar coaster. There are times when Mummy seem just alright...and there were moments just like now when Mummy's heart just ache non stop. Life is just so fraigle like a nice sweet bubble.

Mayb others wont know, Mayb others cant tell, Mayb others cant understand nor feel, how deep Mummy's wound is...But cookie u surely know rite?

My little angel, will u come back to me if u have the chance? Will u come and visit Mummy in my dreams?

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