Thursday, October 28, 2010

Visit to the Vet

Cookie Baby

Last nite Mummy brought Jappy Kor Kor to the vet. Grandma called in the afternoon complaining that Jappy Kor Kor not eating well for already 1mth and yet Mummy didnt bring him for a check up. Even Melvin Kor Kor complained that why Mummy didnt rush to the vet. Baby, u had a weaker immunity that whenever u are alittle not well, the first thing Mummy does is rush to the vet. But for Jappy Kor Kor, Mummy didnt cos he is alway much better. He heal faster and never really gave us problems. So Mummy never tot of going to the vet. But since Grandma and everyone complained and suggest i should bring for a check up. We went...

And baby, Kor Kor is super healthy. Despite him not eating well for the past one mth, his weight is still slightly over. Baby cookie, u b shock if u noe his weight. hahahaa...despite not eating, he still a fatti. So mean of Mummy hor. But Mummy is glad he is healthy.

But vet confirmed one thing - He is emotionali affected. Not used to being alone without u? Physical, Kor Kor is perfectly fine but emotionali he is not. Emotional ur Kor Kor is not well. Hai baby Mummy feel that physical wound is so much easier to nurse then emotional wound. Was told to move the furniture area and try to change the food bowl and items at help kor kor to get over.

But Baby, Mummy stil dun have the courage to keep away ur pee tray. Its easy said then done. Mummy just cant...cant keep away ur stuff.

So hard on Mummy these period...Baby, Mummy have to put up a strong front to face our family so that they wont worry, put on a happi face in work so that Mummy can continue working, put up a strong n loving side toward Jappy to be a good Mummy, Put up with the stress in the coming exam....Cookie how Mummy wish u are here wif Mummy. Only if u were still around...

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