Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jappy Kor Kor not eating

My Little Angel Cookie

Jappy Kor Kor throw temper again. He refused to eat since yesterday. Yesterday whole day, he just ate a few pieces of meat. Mummy even make the effort to cook for him since he refuse to eat his barf. And even after cooking, he only took a few pcs and Mummy had to throw away the rest. Waste Mummy's and Daddy's effort. Cookie baby,its ur fav rite - homecook food. How Mummy wish to be able to see u eat just another meal...but its not gonna be anymore.

Mummy had tried my best...but stil the best to Kor Kor never seem rite. This morning, We even wake up early and brought him downstair for a walk, thinking he might be able to eat after that. But still, he refuse to. Till Daddy gave up and decided we shall let him strave.

Cookie, Mummy is so worried now. U noe Jappy Kor Kor have gastric problems all these while. How can he not eat for few days? Mummy think he sure gonna vomit again? Mummy afraid he might just b too depress to eat, and slowly get weaker...

Baby cookie, u noti little chille padi...where have u been? Playing too much in heaven? U not watching over ur Kor Kor yah?


  1. Think better bring jappy to the vet if he continues to be like this, apart from depression, he could be not feeling well. Coz he has been like this for a while. Poor boy, could be traumatized, might need a bit of medical help to tie over this period. Both jappy and mummy must take care.

  2. Jacq u think so? Must go see vet? He 2days no eat liao nw bones leh. Lost so much weight.

  3. Ya, a drastic change in bebouviour and eating habits better see a vet fir advise. ESP when he used to be a food lover. Poor boy, do tell b
    Vet wat he went thru.