Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I tot its was u

Angel Cookie

Last nite, its was pouring. Wif thunder and storm in the very early morning. Mummy think its ard 4plus or 5plus.

And Cookie baby, while Mummy was sleeping. Mummy heard the thunder roar. And was simi awake by it. Then out of the blue, Mummy felt a soft body cuming very gently and curl up in between Mummy legs. Like how u alway are. U will automatic cum in between Mummy Legs when Mummy was watching TV and u would curl up and lay ur head on Mummy leg for support. Within that spilt sec, in Mummy's sub conscious mind, Mummy tot it was you. Really you. Only you.
And Baby, Mummy even call Cookie. And that moment it struck Mummy that its wasnt u. Its Jappy Kor Kor. Jappy Kor Kor nv done such act before. And becos of the thunder, he is so scare that he curl to Mummy legs and hide.

Baby, Is god trying to tell Mummy that Mummy stil have Jappy kor kor. Or iszit Angel cookie cum back to peep at Mummy? Are u the wan who teach Jappy Kor Kor to comfort Mummy in such a way?

Baby Cookie, mayb Mummy is missing u too much...that Mummy tot it was u. And i m wrong.

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