Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kor Kor Jap Jap not eating

Cookie Angel

Today is the 2nd day ur kor kor have not taken any meals. He only took a few pcs of meat. And now, Mummy can feel his ribs bone already. He really slim down alot alot. Nothing seem to work for him. Nothing seem to interest him except going out of home. Mummy wonder was it because ur tragic accident leave a bad impact on him. He is getting out of hand.

Mummy got an idea not sure if it works. Tonite, Mummy is going to mince all the meat/veg/potato together and stem for him. Hopeful he get to eat some.

He used to be 6.5 kg. And Mummy suspect he is weight just barly 6kg or even lesser. U remember when kor kor first came to us, his weight is only 5.8kg and he is like boney. Can feel his bone everywhere. Now he is back to that shape again. Hai....

haha cookie baby - Mummy just happen to weight myself too. Mummy also lost weight. Mummy lose 3kg in just one mth time. That fast yah. Daddy been nagging so much abt Mummy weight lost. Gonna pump up more....U remember how Mummy alway complained to u that Mummy put on weight? And baby cookie, hahah only u wont laught at Mummy when Mummy complained hor. Cos all of Mummy friends will scream if Mummy ever say I m Fat...or i put on weight. But cookie, u noe rite...Mummy did put on..became more fleshy. Baby Cookie...gave Mummy more time...soon Mummy will put on and start my complain again k. U miss Mummy's nag rite dun u?

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