Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Angel Cookie

Yesterday was the 5th day of the month...remember every 5th day, Mummy have to feed Jappy kor kor heartworm. And wif u ard, its so easy to feed him. He will gup down it fast. But cookie, u are alway so smart. U noe Kor kor very clumsy rite...he alway drop his food. And cookie will alway aim for it before mummy even notice it rite. And each time, mummy had to be super alert to prevent u frm eating it. And when ever mummy win, mummy had a long hard time trying to comfort u that the heartworm is not treats and u cant have it. But u greedy noti gal...wif another extra treats for u...Mummy easier win u over.

But yesterday, Jappy kor kor just refused to eat it. He puke it out each time. So end up Daddy had to mix it in to his meal. And baby cookie, u noe what...this morning he vomit it all out.

Baby cookie - u must be thinking what a waste rite? Its ur fav rite....

Angel cookie - last nite for the first time Mummy managed to sleep a good 3hrs. Its the longest sleep mummy had so far aft u left. Mummy did improved rite baby?

Exam is cuming soon...Its reali a hard time for mummy. Its a constand reminder that in the past when mummy were burning midnite oil, baby u were there for me, waiting and company Mummy throughout the nite. Even Jappy kor kor gave up and went to bed. But just not u.
Baby, becos of this...Mummy will make sure mummy passed the exam. Its painful but mummy will do it for u cos Mummy love Cookie.

If love is about giving....Mummy would gave it all out for u Cookie

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