Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Love

Baby Cookie

Last nite Mummy pray to god. Mummy ask god to let cookie gal cum into mummy dreams. And cookie, Mummy really did dreamt of u.

Mummy dreamt that cookie u went missing for days and suddenly u appear at our home. U cum in and were very happy. Mummy and Cookie were playing very very happily. And Jappy kor kor was as usuali tagging on behind u, joining us. Cookie, u were smiling in mummy dream and mummy sense ur love for mummy. Mummy held u up the way mummy used to do so. Mummy hugged cookie too. Cookie, Mummy finali noe that cookie wasnt upsad with mummy...cookie didnt blame mummy for what had happened.

Mummy woke up rite aft the dream and couldnt sleep becos of tummy ache. til the morning. Cookie gal, mummy hate the morning part. Mummy alway dun feel good in the morning...without u.

But baby, as mummy is writing this...mummy feel much better already.

Recalling last few days, mummy read from somewhere abt a lady whom lost her beloved baby. She was then just as devasted as mummy. Someone question her : if she would trade off her pain vs the love she share between her baby if given a choice.

And rite now every moment that mummy feel bad, imummy asked myself the same old question. And my answer was clear witout 2nd tot...mummy wont. mummy wont trade off any single thing for that bond, for that love...even when the pain seem everlasting. mummy just wont. And somehow this made mummy feel better.

Baby, u noti little chili padi. thats one of ur nick u noe baby. But baby Mummy decided to add one more nick for u. The Angel Cookie. Mummy's Angel.

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