Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing u

Mummy's Angel Cookie

Wif each passing days, Mummy just miss u more and more.

Do u noe aft u left on that very day, mummy hate going home. Mummy hate going home to have no more cookie by Mummy's side. No more cookie greeting, Jumping and kissing Mummy.

Mummy could no longer called out to Cookie and even if Mummy does calling the hundred times, Mummy noes Cookie will not be running to my arms again. Do u remember, u noti little gal, sometime u throw temper and refuse to cum to Mummy when Mummy called for u? U pretend u nv heard Mummy's calling when actuali u did, u pretend u were busy doing things even when u heard Mummy...U noti little gal so ful of character yah. But Mummy noe u just too well, just like how u noe Mummy - inside out. And when Mummy called oreo oreo instead of cookie cookie, u surely will cum flying into my laps. U were so possessive over Mummy rite?

U wont want any other dogs near Mummy rite. But u allow Jappy into our life. Mummy found a pic of u laying down next to Jappy Kor Kor on his first day home. U nv snap nor bite him. U allow him so. Angel cookie, was it becos u noe ur time wil be short wif us and u wan Mummy to have Jappy kor kor so Mummy wont be alone durning this time?

Baby Cookie, Mummy have so so many undone things with u. U noe Mummy just brought the "HappyTail" skin tonic for u? Its combine of many herbs which is the best of all for skin. Mummy brought it speciali for u. But baby, mummy nv have the chance to feed u. U noe that very nite when Mummy was on the way hm, Mummy tot oh finali the tonic is here for cookie and mummy can feed u then. But then was never.

Baby Cookie, Mummy have not bath Jappy yet. After u left....and now he sink. Mummy remember every weekend we will have our bathing session. Its alway u first follow by Jappy Kor Kor. And whenever Mummy take out ur pail and towl, Baby u run to hide under the bench.
And aft Mummy finish ur bath and blow u dry, u smell so nice and u will hop ard on the bed. U trying to show off rite and tel Mummy u feel so cooling rite?
Baby, Mummy enjoyed doing all these for u. Blowing u dry is so easy cos baby u are so wel behave. U even sleep while sitting down when Mummy blow too long.

Cookie, U hate to touch water and u alway try to keep urself clean and not wet. Even when we goes for walk. U jump over puddles of water, remember? Mummy will nv forget.

Baby, tonite Mummy have to bath jappy kor kor already. Eventuali, Mummy have to. But its so painful to even think of it.

It is never gonna be the same without u anymore.

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