Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sometimes things happen for a reason

Guess some of you already noe how cookie cum about. For those that miss my first few posts....cookie cum to me after my beloved grandma pass on. It was my lowest period in my whole life. From the moment grandma left me, i was super depress for almost the whole two mths before cookie cum. Even anti depression pills couldnt help me. I cried for no reason everywhere, every now and then...i simply cry myself to sleep. Grandma is v close to me as we are living together and she is the one who brought me up since mum is forever busy wif work to pay for my expenses.

Days after i had cookie, she just took my mind off every saddness in my heart. She did it even without me noticing. Using her forever up to no good business, she took over all my mind every moment. Still remember on the first yr of chinese new year after grandma 's death, i had to stay home and was baned frm visiting. Laying on my bed, my mind slowly turn to Grandma again. Just then, this monster seem to noe my tots. She jump up the bed, climb over me, and wif her only 5mth puppy strength, she manage to pull off my rubber band on my hair. Next, wif a "Nah! i got what i wan, and u cant catch me look" she turn her head up high and we started a catching session. Yes, this is my monster...i alway tink there is a reason she cum to me...and the reason is for me to move on....move out of my dark moment.

From the moment i accepted grandma's death wif no more guilt, saddness nor hurt, i started to have a dream. A wish! i hope that my own dog could be a help to those of my grandma 's age who is suffering frm cancer or some illness. I wish my dog could became a therapy dog helping these group. But after monster grew up to an adult, she is very protective over me. She snap the moment other dogs cum near and she wasnt friendly at all. Thus i noe my dream seem far far away frm me.

Now that jappy cum to me, i knew he make a prefect lap therapy dog. He had no aggresion toward human nor any other dogs. He accept all kind of dogs, even if the dog start barking at him like mad, jappy boy would just continue waiging his tail. He is like a carpet or a soft toy. He took everything wif a waig on his tail, be it good or bad. Yes, he sure can make it as one. And i m confident he will do every well in bring joy to the old ages. Mayb this is the reason, God gave jappy to me.

Right now, i know its not the prefect time for this boy to do the job. He just not ready yet, but i m very sure one fine day, Jappy would be the sunshine boy and he would do wonders.

I m trying my best to build him let him feel as much love as poosible. The first few days in my house, Jappy would run to the tiolet and lay flat on the wet floor. Poor boy, mayb he is use to being lock in the tiolet when he is wif his first owner as i realise he seem to like to hide there. This boy doesnt noe what to do wif a ball or soft toys. He seem nv had this before. When he is in my cousin house, he had nv own a toys. Most of it were belong to the other dog in the house. And i suppose, he let the other dog had all those toys. He shy away whenever i wan to kiss him. He just didnt noe how to react to a kiss bah.

He been wif me for a short 1 week already. And my boy start to whine already when i leave the house. Guess some owner dun like it whenever their dog whine....but for me - i m happy. Happy for the sake that i noe, he is attached to me already. My clever smart boy, he noe when i m cuming home, even when i try to unlock the gate without any noise, he knew it was me. And he start to whine wif joy, jump wif joy. (When mum and dad is home, my two baby just shut up wif no noise no whine) jappy boy is improving....he could do better for sure.

Life wif My two babies

Never had i tot i would have my 2nd additions so soon. Wif Hubby 's hectic work life, i m left to do all the housework and the doggy stuff all by myself. And on top of this reason, my dad is a super clean frek. He nag almost everyday for the many furs balls flying ard the house. And no matter, how many times i vacum the house everyday, the furs is alway there. Dad just simply againest me keeping dog. Many time, i give in to his scolding and tried my best to do as accordin to his wish.

Thus having my number 2 seem far away frm my wish. or at least i predict should be another fews yrs when brother got a house and my parent moving to stay with him/while only cum over on weekends.

But somehow, Jappy ended up at my house. Wif the days that we stayed together, he made me determine to wan to keep him by my side. Jappy been passing frm first owner who is leaving for her own country to my cousin who simply had not enough time to reali take care of him. To me, i cannot bear to let him go anymore. Currently, he isnt very well groom. Paw fur are so long that he slip down easily. Tear stains that tell mths of neglect. Hubby feel so sorri for this boy. Together wif hubby, after a real tok, both of us are determin and want to give him the best we could.

Hubby insist we send him for grooming at Annie Pet Store, noeing that Annie is expert in Shih Tzu. Annie won many many awards for show Shih Tzu. But of course the price is higher than others. Even cookie didnt get to groom there before cos i always find her charges a bit on the steep side. And i rather do it myself. Hubby insist to go there no wonder wat. Some how, it made me feel good too noeing hubby love jappy so much and i m not alone to give him the best.
Finali manage to get an appt wif Annie. Annie is forever pack wif appts cos she took a long hr just to groom a dog. heard say now she is doing more on regular customers only. haha, i m consider her regular customer cos i used to buy orijien kibbles from her all this while. And of course, noeing jappy background, she took us in. Appt fixed on 6june. Stay tune for Jappy's handsome pics then.

Since jappy is a rehome case, and i didnt noe when is his actual birthday. The only detail i got frm the vet is he is roughly ard 2-3yrs old based on his structure of teeths. Didnt like it the fact that he got no birthday. To me, birthday is the day that is suppose to be joyous. Cookie 's birthday is an impt day to me as its the day she cum to the world to brin joy to my life. So for jappy, its would be the same. He is here to brin me joy, how could he have no birthday? So tinking of this, i shall fixed his birthday as the day he step into my house which is 22 May. Dear friends, let rejoyces together on every yr of this date for our Jappy boy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Silly Stupid bear is staying in MY HOUSE

This stupid bear went for steralise and now is in my house. Mummy wanted to make sure he is well til his stitches is remove. but upon noe that his owner who is Mummy cousin is too ocuppied wif study and the father wanted so much for stupid bear to be out off the house - all these make Mummy wanted to keep him for good.

I m not so happy with it at all. Whenever i bark or snap at this bear - Mummy would lock me in the kitchen for awhile. All becos of this bear.

Mummy keep saying this bear got no home....keep asking me to bear wif him. mmmm actuali tel u all the truth, this bear is weak. He is not up to my match, if not for Mummy who alway side him. Whenever i bark loud at him, hahahehehe he will be shock...too shock to do anything except running back to his sleeping corner. See, i got a weak kor kor. This stupid Kor Kor always like to hide behide Mummy legs for protection and he tink i dun noe. Nah! Nah! Nah! he is going to have a hard time if he cling on to my MUMMY!

Pls remember this silly bear by hard...and dun sayang him when you see him....SAYANG ME ONLY.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mummy

Sat morning, Mummy and Daddy went out early in the morning at 10am. They went to fetch Lambert to the vet for checkup. And Lambert is declare in good health. Priase the Lord.

Pls gave me a Home!

They came home ard 3plus and fall alseep shortly after as they are too tired after running here and there. Me too, fall asleep in Mummy's arm and under the soft comfort blanket. We slept for a long 3 hrs. Mummy told me to rest and sleep well cos the nite is going to be long........becos its Mummy 's Birthday.

At ard 7pm - we set off to have dinner. Daddy book a table. They going to have Japanese Buffet dinner. Heard say, the dinner is super duber good. Look at all these pices.
The teypayaki Beef

Cold Soba
The Japanese saba fish

Green Tea Ice Cream
Mummy's Birthday Cake
I could smell Yummy Yum Yum but i cant reach it.

Today, Mummy insist she had to wear her Chihuahua shoes out. This chihuahua shoes is a birthday present Mummy brought for herself last yr. Crazy Mummy said that buying birthday present for herself is a way of making herself feel value and good. I tink its becos NOBODY give Mummy any present thus she had to buy one for herself. hahahaha - dun let Mummy hear this okie. Poor Mummy, tis year birthday she is quite broke so she didnt get anything for herself. Mayb thats the reason why she insist to wear tis shoes to make herself feel GOOD. Nah!