Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Silly Stupid bear is staying in MY HOUSE

This stupid bear went for steralise and now is in my house. Mummy wanted to make sure he is well til his stitches is remove. but upon noe that his owner who is Mummy cousin is too ocuppied wif study and the father wanted so much for stupid bear to be out off the house - all these make Mummy wanted to keep him for good.

I m not so happy with it at all. Whenever i bark or snap at this bear - Mummy would lock me in the kitchen for awhile. All becos of this bear.

Mummy keep saying this bear got no home....keep asking me to bear wif him. mmmm actuali tel u all the truth, this bear is weak. He is not up to my match, if not for Mummy who alway side him. Whenever i bark loud at him, hahahehehe he will be shock...too shock to do anything except running back to his sleeping corner. See, i got a weak kor kor. This stupid Kor Kor always like to hide behide Mummy legs for protection and he tink i dun noe. Nah! Nah! Nah! he is going to have a hard time if he cling on to my MUMMY!

Pls remember this silly bear by hard...and dun sayang him when you see him....SAYANG ME ONLY.

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