Saturday, May 2, 2009

Long Sat

This Morning, Mummy and Daddy wake up so early at abt 7plus. As usual, i had my breakfast. Shortly after, Crazy Mummy and Daddy went to the bank at abt 8plus. HAHA, of course the Bank was not open yet for them. Stupid Mummy - disturbed my beautiful nap after my breakfast. (Mummy - Hei Monster, you are the 1 whinning away behind the gate when we abt to leave, and you were scatching the gate badly and beg us to bring you along ok.) Nah!Nah!Nah! I dun care and fall sleep like a log in the bag.

Frm 8plus to 11plus til the bank open for stupid mummy, i m sleeping away. hahaha
After which, mummy bring me to ALL Pet Vet @ Jalan Keyu to met her friends, Aunty A and Uncle T and Jie Jie J. Mummy went there to buy some lotion and cream for my swollen paw. God noes what had cause my paw to swollen like a big pimples. But this does not stop me frm being jumpy at all. Do you all ever heard of Terrapin visit to Vet? Hehe, Aunty A and Jie Jie J bring their Terrapin Uge (not sure correct spelling anot) to c Vet cos poor Uge got a lump at his face. Everyone were laughing at Aunty A and Jie Jie.
To Aunty A and Jie Jie, they dun care what people tink cos they love their pets. They are real animals lover. If its Grandpa, bet he sure say dun care lah, let it be - anyway just a tiny little terrapin. Market selling so cheap. Ohya, the vet fee cum out to be $30plus for uge. Wow, $30 plus can gain me a massage session plus meat ball frm Aunty Linda leh. But cum to tink of it, Uge also have life what. Aunty A and Jie Jie reali do whatever they can just to keep Uge - a tiny little Terrapin. Kisses to them bah. (ahyo, should have taken a pics of Uge - too bad, big mouth Mummy busy chatting so no pics)

After the vet visit, Daddy sent us to K9 campus cos Mummy fix a massage session wif Aunty Linda from Pawsitive Sensations.

Mummy 's Bthday is cumming soon so Daddy gave Mummy some cash for her to spend. Of coourse, mummy dun mind sharing part of the cash wif me. So part of it goes to my first massage session lor. Thank You - Mummy i love u. But mummy say i m not suppose to go there to play, i m suppose to be relax and just let Aunty Linda touch my nice cuve body. EEEEEEErh - What is massage? Why cannot play?

Massage is use primarily to improve blood circulation on dogs and cats, while increasing the flow of energy. Massage is therapeutic fr working out kinks, sore muscles and joints. Increasing blood flow and the flow of lymphatic fluids throughout the body is beneficial for pets of all ages but especially older dogs.

The benefits of Massage are:

Lowering Blood pressure
Relieves Pain anad stiffness
Helps arthritic pets
Relieve soft tissue injury
Improves brain and nerve function
Aids in digestion and bowel performance
Help obese pets increase circulation
Speed recovery frm surgery
Improves agility and range of motion
Facilitates improve skin and coat shine
Help destress

At first when Aunty Linda want to touch my nice body, i snap at her and that make me being muzzle up. And Aunty Linda begin touch my furry body. After 5min or so, kind Aunty Linda release the muzzle cos she deem me as no thread to her liao. Reason for her to muzzle me was because before she cum down to c me, she had another appt before me who is also a chihuahua. and Aunty Linda got biten by him. So to play safe, she muzzle me as i m snappy also lah.
(Tel u all a secret: i pretend to put up a brave front to scare her wan, actuali my fear is flaming inside. hahah)

I kind of enjoy my whole session with her til i stick out my drooling tongue thro out. hahaha But too bad no pics to boost my enjoyment cos i said it before - i had a big mouth Mummy. This time round she is also busy chatting away wif Aunty Linda while she run her hands all over my sexy body.

Aunty Linda told Mummy that i got tense muscles on my hind legs. Aunty Linda said she realise many of US - Chihuahua or other smaller breeds dogs tend to have this problem as we use to stand on two so much which add presure on our hind muscles. Aunty Linda even realise that i m feeling sore on those two legs which stupid careless mummy didnt even noe all this while.

Mummy tinks that its because i m short. Since i m Ms Shortie, in order to get a clear view i tend to stand up on two. which is the reason why i got tense muscles there. After the session, Mummy touch my hind legs then she realise what is called tense muscles as per what Aunty Linda discrible to her. See my careless and know nothing Mummy.

So for all the Shorties out there, do take note of your hind muscles. Tense muscles can cause bad cramps.

Mummy say would be good if i can do the massage at least once a mth kind. Mummy would have to look into saving some things for this.

Nah! its only $25 per session what...mayb can push Daddy to pay for me?

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