Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spider Lady

Mummy say I m a Spider Lady becos everytime, everywhere and everyone who is eating - i will be there. I will be right under their mouths and hands....hoping and looking out for any bits of foods that fall out. Once i got the item, i will not let the chance go away. i 'll be quick and fast and witout any noise, i gobble down the food. Every dinner time, u will find a small tiny furry body, waiting under the dinnng table - getting ready to attack whenever thats drop down.

Today, I got one big pics of Lays Potato chips - barbaq taste. It drop down frm Clumsy Mummy mouth onto the floor. HAHA of course i m faster than Mummy to get hold of this Yummy Yum Yum. Wahahaha

That me: COokie Monster aka The SpiDer Lady

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