Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life wif My two babies

Never had i tot i would have my 2nd additions so soon. Wif Hubby 's hectic work life, i m left to do all the housework and the doggy stuff all by myself. And on top of this reason, my dad is a super clean frek. He nag almost everyday for the many furs balls flying ard the house. And no matter, how many times i vacum the house everyday, the furs is alway there. Dad just simply againest me keeping dog. Many time, i give in to his scolding and tried my best to do as accordin to his wish.

Thus having my number 2 seem far away frm my wish. or at least i predict should be another fews yrs when brother got a house and my parent moving to stay with him/while only cum over on weekends.

But somehow, Jappy ended up at my house. Wif the days that we stayed together, he made me determine to wan to keep him by my side. Jappy been passing frm first owner who is leaving for her own country to my cousin who simply had not enough time to reali take care of him. To me, i cannot bear to let him go anymore. Currently, he isnt very well groom. Paw fur are so long that he slip down easily. Tear stains that tell mths of neglect. Hubby feel so sorri for this boy. Together wif hubby, after a real tok, both of us are determin and want to give him the best we could.

Hubby insist we send him for grooming at Annie Pet Store, noeing that Annie is expert in Shih Tzu. Annie won many many awards for show Shih Tzu. But of course the price is higher than others. Even cookie didnt get to groom there before cos i always find her charges a bit on the steep side. And i rather do it myself. Hubby insist to go there no wonder wat. Some how, it made me feel good too noeing hubby love jappy so much and i m not alone to give him the best.
Finali manage to get an appt wif Annie. Annie is forever pack wif appts cos she took a long hr just to groom a dog. heard say now she is doing more on regular customers only. haha, i m consider her regular customer cos i used to buy orijien kibbles from her all this while. And of course, noeing jappy background, she took us in. Appt fixed on 6june. Stay tune for Jappy's handsome pics then.

Since jappy is a rehome case, and i didnt noe when is his actual birthday. The only detail i got frm the vet is he is roughly ard 2-3yrs old based on his structure of teeths. Didnt like it the fact that he got no birthday. To me, birthday is the day that is suppose to be joyous. Cookie 's birthday is an impt day to me as its the day she cum to the world to brin joy to my life. So for jappy, its would be the same. He is here to brin me joy, how could he have no birthday? So tinking of this, i shall fixed his birthday as the day he step into my house which is 22 May. Dear friends, let rejoyces together on every yr of this date for our Jappy boy.


  1. Congratulations to the second addition! :)

    DoDo:- Daddy is a clean freak as well. Mummy always complain he "boss" her around to clear our fur . . . :þ

  2. Thank you!

    yaya i m like the dog maid. ERRRRRRRh