Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i m back after THE MOTHER 's DAY

As you all know, last sunday is Happy Mother's Day!

Mummy n Daddy bring me to my grandparent house.

Grandma and Grandpa house is like big big playground to me. I m allowed to fly on to the sofa....up and down regardless how many time i do it, grandpa would always gave me a surprise happy excited look like its my ever first try or he nv expect i could fly so high.
Not only that, grandpa would sayang me when i fly up to him n sit beside him, he will go ahyo....this gal reali must sayang. Ohohoh who cant resist being sayang! I m COOKIE MONSTER - the more i demand for SAYANG!
Mayb becos NiNi - the old man cant do that anymore.

This is NiNi - THE OLD MAN

Not only can i fly up the sofa, i can run up and down the stairs. Mummy say i every kpo...everytime i m there, i go up and down to check out every rooms and every corner. Who care - No one there to stop me and yet they praise me for being Kpo.

Grandma love me to bits too. She would alway give me milk whenever i m there.

Guess who is at home too? its Dale my new cousin. Dale was adopted by adrain(mummy's brother in law) and becos adrain works in a club for Dale is staying in the club most of the time. Dale started cuming home for the past few week only on days when adrain is on off.

When i was there, Dale refuse to play wif me cos his daddy is not ard. Adrain went for a mother day dinner wif the gf. hahhaha Dale is too big to b smuggle in a bag like me so he had to stay home. Grandma say that Dale wanted so much to follow and when he cant, he looks so dam grumbly. Dale is like Adrain 's shadow. Although he got weak hind legs, upon seeing adrain can make him get up within 5 secs and follow him everywhere. But when adrain not ard, he just refuse to move a inch. Even when i try to smell him, he seem not interest in me. MMMM he got no eye to c such a beauti. Nah...its his loss! dun care him anymore.


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