Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mummy got a surprise present

On sunday, Daddy work til 2plus pm and he came home ard 3plus wif a present for Mummy. Guess what is zit? haha - this present is not for Mummy to use but for me thoug. Its a pink collar wif pink cystal that is made of real ostrich leather. It cost Daddy $30plus. And Daddy use part of the cash that he had given Mummy to buy this cool collar for me.

Mummy had been complaining abt my flower collar for days cos its made of dun noe what kind of fake leather that it start to smell. The smell is so bad that it smell like chinese herbs. And worse part is even removing the collar, the chinese herb smell stil linger ard my neck. Its stink man.

Yesterday, at the All Pets vet clinic, we saw a chihuahua with real nice bright cystal collar and Mummy was commenting abt the nice collar throughout after we left. Sweet Daddy noes how much Mummy wanted to change my smelly collar so there it is - a brand new cystal collar that wont stink cos its made of ostrich leather. But Mummy finds it too exp for a collar. She wont never buy it for sure. But since its Daddy nice tots and act, hahah the collar is here to stay loh.

But still last nite, before bednite, Mummy still v heartpain on the cost of the collar and is nagging away..................til i fall asleep.


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  2. Thanks DoMo. Mummy say u got nice collar tag too. remember the wan wif your pics on it? Show me one of these day when we met up k (edited post)