Friday, May 8, 2009

Cross - schnauzer for adoption or fostering

We do have a cross-schnauzer looking for a home, estimated to be 5 to 6 years old. A few days ago, we have just been told by a call about a little cross breed schnauzer dog who now needs a home desperately. Apparently this little male dog was found abandoned in a park about 3 years ago. He was rescued by a young primary school girl (who is now in secondary school). She has tried to give as much as she and her family can, but with little money and resouce, the dog unfortunately has not had much nuitrition and lives on bread, rice and vegetables.
The family is very poor and recently offered babysitting to supplement their income. This is when the story gets sad. The 'clients' leaving the baby does not want the dog in the home as their sickly baby. For the sake of making through during this bad time and recession, the family has agreed to give up the dog, much to the protests and tears of the school girl. But how do we interfere when money, survival and family discontent is at stake. When the family has not enough income with 3 children, school fees still must be paid and bills have to be settled, who is to say what is right and wrong now.
The family had intended to release the dog into the idyllic and seemnigly peaceful forested area as they know that if they surrended to the SPCA, the dog will surely be put down. When we heard of the dog's plight, we visited him and to our dismay, he is such a sweet docile and quiet little fella, we had no heart to suggest that the SPCA would be more humane because he will surely die as a stray dog. But with kennels so full, we are appealing to home fostering or adoption for this little lamb of a dog.We have called him Lambert as he is as docile as a little lamb, doesn't bark and sits patiently to be taken out for walks, even as late as 11 pm he will hold his pee. He does not protest when he gets his meal late or when everyone forgets to bring him down for his walk. He just waits and waits.
If there is anyone out there who would journey with us on this mercy mission, please contact us at 98383820 or email Hell comes in different form, it may not be a breeding farm but for this dog who sees a future of a straying life, no where to go and the curbside street tar floor as his bed, it is hell all over again.
Will it be third time, this time lucky for Lambert?

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