Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mummy

Sat morning, Mummy and Daddy went out early in the morning at 10am. They went to fetch Lambert to the vet for checkup. And Lambert is declare in good health. Priase the Lord.

Pls gave me a Home!

They came home ard 3plus and fall alseep shortly after as they are too tired after running here and there. Me too, fall asleep in Mummy's arm and under the soft comfort blanket. We slept for a long 3 hrs. Mummy told me to rest and sleep well cos the nite is going to be long........becos its Mummy 's Birthday.

At ard 7pm - we set off to have dinner. Daddy book a table. They going to have Japanese Buffet dinner. Heard say, the dinner is super duber good. Look at all these pices.
The teypayaki Beef

Cold Soba
The Japanese saba fish

Green Tea Ice Cream
Mummy's Birthday Cake
I could smell Yummy Yum Yum but i cant reach it.

Today, Mummy insist she had to wear her Chihuahua shoes out. This chihuahua shoes is a birthday present Mummy brought for herself last yr. Crazy Mummy said that buying birthday present for herself is a way of making herself feel value and good. I tink its becos NOBODY give Mummy any present thus she had to buy one for herself. hahahaha - dun let Mummy hear this okie. Poor Mummy, tis year birthday she is quite broke so she didnt get anything for herself. Mayb thats the reason why she insist to wear tis shoes to make herself feel GOOD. Nah!