Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mama Brown for Adoption

MamaBrowns’s story
She is a very gentle, sweet and docile dog. MamaBrown has the most beautiful brown eyes. When you look into those beautiful brown eyes, you are caught deep into her soul, her very self, it is as if her whole life is staring back at you.

Yes those eyes, big beautiful brown eyes, what a tale they could tell. A tale of hurt, of sorrow, of fear. But we have gone past that. MamaBrown is now rescued and safe in boarding. Her eyes now look at you trustingly because she can never believe that you would hurt her, that is the kind of dog she is. Not one for aggression or annoyance, MamaBrown is the ever peaceful, calm and serene dog. She is the peacemaker in our pack of dogs when we used to feed them in the wild. She would give all the dogs a lick and every feeder a smile and a wave of her tail and if she could get near you, a nudge or a kiss.

She hardly barks except in whimpers of love and joy when she has visitors in the kennel. MamaBrown needs no reprimands or cross word, your instruction is her command as she always try to please those she love.

MamaBrown is everyone’s sweetheart, among the feeders and even in the kennels for she gives no trouble. If the kennel door are opened accidentally and every dog ran out in escape, you can be sure that MamaBrown will be sitting there obediently for you to return, waiting, that is her style, she is not one to go against your wishes.
Yes, she is a totally obedient and submissive dog and her calmness affects and influence all those around her.

MamaBrown when we first met her in the wild.She appeared out of nowhere and mingledhappily with the Pack. An unusual occurancein the wild when packs are territorial.Such is her docility that the pack did not feelthreatened and accepted her immediately,

MamaBrown during one of the feeding time.
MamaBrown when we first rescued her afterlosing sight of her for three to four weeks.She was without food all those weeks.Emanciated, malnourished, dehydrated andfrightened. Her eyes show great fear at the horrorsshe must have seen out when she was away from the Pack.
It was truly God who kept her alive. If we had waited anotherfew days, she would have died out in the wild.She could not stand during this few weeks As she was very weak.

MamaBrown now (Photo taken Feb 14 2009).She has regained full confidence and energyrestored due to the love and nourishment shehas received.This shows how much the power of love can do.

MamaBrown - A happy and lovable dog. She makesa good companian and friend as she will neverabandon you even if she was abandoned once.That is not her style. She will always be therewaiting.
We have written a full story of MamaBrown leading to rescue and we invite you see how far she has come. View her story at - A Promise Fulfilled
If you would like to adopt MamaBrown, pls contact 98383820
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