Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goodbye Letter to GiGi - The Top Doggy

Best dog in the world,
Life's different cos you're around,
If you were human,
You would be best mum, Best gal, best friend.
You wonder why I love you so much,
You shouldn't wonder,
cos that's what you are,

The one I can count on, always there When the day seems bleak and things look bad Gigi's around and with just a lick, a nuzzle and whimper, I know you always understand.
Tho you can't see, can't hear, can't even walk with those old legs,
You always find your way near my feet,
Struggling till you get to me.
How you do it, I don't, Won't know,
I'll try not to walk far and too quickly so you can catch up.
And you waited didn't you,
for the kids to come
so Mummy won't hurt so much,
When you go,

But it's not true,
Hate to tell you this, girl, It didn't work.
If I have half your courage and will
I would be president.
Gi-Girl, great lass, best girl Top dog, little sweetheart,
Mummy loves you so much!

This is a sweet poem written by Aunty A to her sweetest, closest dog that once touch her life v much. Gigi gone throu every period of Aunty A life. When there is darkest - Gigi brin light to her life, When there is no one ard, When loneliness set in - Gigi brin great company. When there is sorrow - Gigi brin joy to her. Gigi is Aunty A forever shawdow, even as she pass on, Aunty A nv forget abt her. This sweet gal had a v special bond wif Aunty A. Both of them understand each others, beyond the words.
Gigi made a special promiss to Aunty A that she will stay on til the kids came before she go. And even when she is weak, when she cant walk, when she cant hear, when she cant see....she hold on to this promiss til the day Aunty A forms a family.
Til the end when Gigi was v v weak already, not until Aunty A said this to Gigi - My Gigi, Its ok to leave now. Go to be wif Jesus, and wait for Mummy to join you there in heaven. Gigi left her and pass on peaceful.

Aunty A always say that my bonding wif Mummy always remind her of the same relation she once had wif Gigi. And Mummy noes that the day will come when she had to let go, she promiss she be strong for me to leave peaceful and not worried abt her.

(Mummy - Thank you cookie! I remember the first day i held u in my arms. Yes you are the one. We chosen you cos you stood up for your toys. and Daddy always believe you will stood up for us too when u grow. With your weak health durning your puppy stage, you were a constant worried to me and Daddy.
You had your mis behavoiur times - like the way you chew up Daddy 3 pair of ear phone,
chew up all my pillow zip till all my pillow is forever left unzip,
you chew up the newspaper the moment i place new ones,
you bite my rubber band down frm my hair that made me look like mad women wif messy hair chasing you ard to get it back,
you jump on our bed and refuse to sleep even til midnite 3am,
you dash in and out of the kitchen at high steed til i couldnt even catch e small tiny you,
you jump out and smuggle out of your playpen durning my working hours that made me had to rush home to c what u up to,
you sneak in to Grandpa's alter table and stole the offering foods to chew,
you jump and yel whenever we put a collar on you,
there are too much memories of you that i will nv forget. I promiss i be there for you when u need me the most....till the day we had to part.)

This is the first nite where our bond began

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