Sunday, August 2, 2009

E meat ball recipe

Since sumone is askin my mummy hw to do this meal 4 us,tel me share wif u guys! I was rite there eyein at her al e time,throug out e whole proces.
Step 1: cut sum long bean into smal tiny size.
Step 2: boil potato
Step 3: after e potato r cook-cut it into smal tiny size too.
Step 4: mix e veg n potato into e mince meat.(e pic show only pork meat 200g but we had another 250g of mutton meat too-no pic)
Step 5: optional-add rosemary herb n pasley leave
Step 6: turn e meat into ball shape
Step 7: coat e oven plate wif olive oil
Step 8: bake e meat ball-remember to turn n flip e meat ball on n off e bakin session
End of e day-u have ur meat balls.
If any of u r tryin to make dis,remember to kep sum 4 me yah.-but dun tel my mummy lah

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