Monday, August 10, 2009



Sat - a busy day for us. Early morning, we got a urgent call from my MIL asking for help. She said her nini - silky T skin rotten and ask if hubby could help to drive them to the vet. Of course we agree. Skin rot? i was preparing for the worst. As in - this family dog nini is already very old. 15yrs old wif heart problem, organs are already slowly failing. I was so dam worried and could wait to fly there.

When we reach, was happily to see nini smiling away although he was panting real hard. Frankly, i was imagining that nini couldnt even walk, in pain and had to be carry on arms. I was all wrong. hehehe good to be wrong rite.

Then i realised, there wasnt any skin rot lah, just some bites frm ticks. And omg, nini got countless of baby ticks all over his body. I m serious...its looks like small tiny seeds all over. And when u look clearly, its crawling.

At the clinic, heehe we got a good scolding. The vet scolding SIL for bringing the dog to the grass and caught all these ticks.

So dam angry wif all these pest.

Anyway, after sending them home, we did a good "tick and flea bombing" to our company van. Thank god we didnt drive our own car there. hehe, anyway the two babies are band frm taking the van for at least two week.

I will pray for all of our furkids to be pest free.

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