Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yishun gathering


Sat, mummy and daddy brin us to a place ful of all kind of dogs. And u noe what, my stupid korkor go and make friends wif everybody and every dogs there. Me not so happi lor. I hate them to smell my butt or cum near my mummy. I flang my teeth so many times lor. The only times i m happi is when mummy brin a meat loaf over to us. But korkor got a super big mouth that gump up almost half of it. On the way home, mummy praise korkor for being so friendly, and my mummy simply look like a stupid cheerleader lor.
Hopefuli one day korkor will be dognap then i be the wan and only in the house. Since korkor so friendly mah -
Its Me - MonsterThe Beary Jappy
The Paw WorksThe Two Babies having their meat loaf The Groofy Golden

The "Star" of the day

The cheerful Boy despite all

The Sweet Momo
The Cutie pie
The White bear
The Kiss

The brown smiling wan

The Dessert : Mummy ate lots of this and nv gave us

Mummy: Thanks to the wonderful photographers: Domo Pa/ma(Brain and Serene) and Bon Pa/Ma(John and Dana) and Pony Ma (Joy Tan).

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