Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mayb we should change Monster name to ....


Last nite, i was busy in the kitchen doing housework after dinner. After finishing up chores, i walk into the living room and caught monster in this act.

(Cookie: hehe Mummy is so busy in the kitchen and no one in the living room to catch me: good chance to jump up the dinning table to steal yum yum.)

Look at the monster stupid look. She refuse to acknowledge the fact that i m STANDING right in front of her. She refuse to face the fact that she is CAUGHT in action liao.

My first reaction is - "Cookie Seah come down!" and i was reply by ignore and turn away face lor.

Without waiting i go - " CAN CAN, come down!" and i tel u - she jump down in split sec and dash to hide under the sofa. Can can - works wonder on her.

Example 2:

Whenever hubby or me want her to kiss us - no matter how gentle we go by saying : "Cookie, kiss mummy! faster gal good gal kiss mummy" and the kiss nv once come.

But if we go like - "CAN CAN ya....and even before we say the word kiss, this monster would immedicatly plant countless kisses right at our lips.

See - CAN CAN works.

Example 3:

Monster love to hide under the sofa for God noes what reason. And no matter how we called and coax her to cum out of her hide out - she refuse and ignore.

We often had to use treats to lure her out. But soon i find out someting works better and even faster than treats.

And it is using the words - CAN CAN. The moment i say " CAN CAN ya" she will dash out and sit right in front of me.

Mayb she shouldnt be called COokie, perphas her name should be change to CAN CAN.


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