Monday, August 3, 2009

My Faithful loyal boy and gal

Jappy boy had been wif me for abt 2 mths plus already. He is a wonderful dog to me. Although yes – he did make mistake in his pee and poo. But I realized ever since I had him, I became more tolerant towards things. My expectation became lower – iszit better? Hahaha As in I learn not to expect too much from him but to give as much as I could.

Frankly, I m totali in love wif this boy.
Not that I dun love him at the start, but its that I knew my life would be so different if he is not by my side anymore.
After grandma death, I got a taste of what it mean by “there is no such thing as I cant live without another person”. I knew I wont just die even wif grandma not being ard anymore. Life stil goes on. However, its different in the sense I m feeling empty.
I use to tink that only if cookie is not ard then I will have this emptiness again. But I realize it apply to jappy boy too…cos he is so close to my heart now.

He is my shadow ALWAYs.
Cookie is also my shadow but just that when I m ard – she feel safe and noeing that I wont leave her behind thus she gave her attention to seeking of some monkey business. Jappy is a very sensitive boy.
When he is playing wif his soft toy, he will always take note of what I m doing. When I stood up and abt to move off frm my current position, he will immediately drop whatever he is doing and follow me.
Every nite, I try my best not to wake up and goes to the toilet too many times, as every time I goes, I find this loyal pig, half asleep – sometime even snoring away, he would jerk himself up and drag himself to the outside of the toilet waiting for me to finish.
As for Jappy – he cant afford to lost cos he lost his love too many times before. **Adoption him into my life is the greatest thing how would I leave him?

One of my closest friend and advisor Ms A told me this and I was very touch by what she said abt Jappy, abt adopted dog, abt love for our dog.
a adopted dog tend to show that he treasure his love more as he noe what is zit like when he lost his love. What is zit like when he had nothing at all.
By giving you(me) his(Jappy) loyalty and devotion, that means he is giving you his ALL.
Not just a bit, but everything. With dogs it is never half half but completely.
He looks on you as his saviour, his mom, dad, rescuer, feeder, everything.
He wakes up and sees only you. he sleeps knowing that tomorrow he will see you.
He can only give you what he knows best which is his love and devotion. If he could talk he would say that but he can't so he shows you by following you around
For humans, that may be little but from the dog's point of view, itis everything and humans always underestimate that.
That is the trouble with us, human. To us love is not enough. we have to show it by saying it or buying things
But a dog, can't do anything like that. So people think keeping a dog is useless but they don't understand devotion canot be bought.
It can only come from pure love, understanding caring and trust.
so no matter how tired or sleepy he is, he by following you around is showing his thanks. To tell yu that he appreciates it even tho he can't talk what he does is more than enough.

Frankly, I had nv deam that I would have Jappy in my life. Indeed adopting a dog is such a wonderful thing that happen in my life. Althoug I adopt him out of pity, out by chance but stil I m very gald I have him. - MY LOYAL LITTLE PIG

To Cookie's Fans,
Cookie is never any less loved even after I had Jappy.
In fact, all along I knew this gal wel. She had a loyal faithful side as well.
She nv show it in front of us but we know.
Stil remember, one evening, we sent her to my cousin place while me and hubby went for our dinner at parkway. We tot its best to leave her there to play wif her childhood playmate: Oreo, a CHH too. So we left her there for a good 3hrs.
After I left, my cousin called me and said “ cookie dash to the door and keep scratching the door”. I get my cousin to trick her wif treat and to calm her down. I happily went ahead for my dinner.
After dinner, we went to fetch her. I tot all these 3 hrs she should be having fun wif oreo as oreo is her fav playmate. When I was ard, they can play for hours witout resting.
I was all wrong. Cousin told me the whole 3 hrs, she stood by at the door, never ever move an iche. Even wif oreo temping her into play, she ignore and stood there for the whole 3long hours.
Thats monster, my quiet faithful monster.

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  1. The Hoomans should treasure us more don't ya think! Cookie&Jappy? ^^;