Thursday, August 27, 2009



The two babies are having holidays mood these few days.

Everyday before we step out for work, we will lead them into my master bedroom and place a playpen gate at the door to prevent them from free roaming into the living hall and other places.

Actuali cookie used to have free roam of the whole house as she had proof herself to be v guai when we are not ard. or rather i should say she passed the mark cos she simply sleep throu the hours that we are not ard. Mayb to her - she see it as Mummy and Daddy not ard, so no one to make them angry thus sleeping and restore energy durning this timming is best.

But eversince Jappy came, we could nv let cookie roam freely as Jappy wasnt 100% tiolet train yet. We tried to let cookie roam free in the living hall while Jappy only in e room. Jappy bark for cookie the whole day. (Surprise ting for Jappy is when he is lock in my room, he actuali noe he should go to the tiolet to pee and poo. But when he is free roam = free peeing and pooing also)

These few day, i almost recieved calls frm my mum that the two babies somehow manage to escape and push over the gate. And they are out in the living hall. hahaha.

The master mind is JAPPY.

He jump and jump and each time he jump, he use his elephant strength to push against that piece of gate. And u noe its just a piece of play pen fence so of course the fence topped. And both escape out.

The mess is - Cookie went to dig into the dustbin and mess up the whole floor wif whatever she pick up frm there.

Jappy mess is poo everywhere.

My cutest Jappy chose the best place to poopoo and that is rite behind our main front door.
Wel, he poo a huge pile.
And when mum came home after work...u noe what. She opened the door. And gosh the door smeash throu all the poopoo. Flatten the poo, leaving one pile of poo in front of the door and another pile rite behind the door.
OMG til now, i cant figure out how to clean my door. Cos the below part of the door where there is a gap inbetween the floor and our door (the part where it help to flatten the poo poo) sure got stain of it. but its so so tiny gap - i reali got no idea how to clean that part.

Its a nightmare to us but a holiday period for the kids.

I need helps to figure out how to lock them in my room without closing my door. Perphas i need a baby gate?

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  1. Buy 4D!!!!
    Try use those wet tissues? hmm.. used toothbrush? Those scrub pad from washing sponge? :D

    DoMo Ma~