Monday, August 31, 2009

Dogs digestive system and the barf diet

Comparing a dogs digestive ability to a humans is like comparing apples to oranges. Mother nature has given each species an appropriate digestive capacity.
Dogs, mainly eat meat or at least should only eat meat. A dogs stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) is 15 times greater than in humans so that they digest meat in 10 hours, which accommodates their very short intestines.
Humans produce an equal amount throughout the stomach and intestines combined, allowing raw meat and other raw animal products to digest easily and efficiently in our much longer digestive tract within 16 hours. (It is interesting to note that cooked meat takes 24 -36 hours to digest accompanied with putrefaction.)
The lesson here is that the dog has the ability to digest and assimilate raw meat diets much easier than a human. For this reason they are able to handle bacteria and microbes that might injure a human. It is important to realize that microbes and pathogens are everywhere and that they are needed for the process of dealing with decay.
The message is to feed each species appropriately. Thus the BARF DIET which is the most biologically appropriate raw food for dogs.


Been researching alot on the barf diet and til some time last few weeks back, i happen to chance upon barf singapore wedsite and read abt a maltese owner who desperately turn to barf diet as she had tried all kind of diet/med/vet/ you name it she tried it. And nothing cure her maltese's v v bad yeast infection til she turn to barf. Slowly after, condition improved. There are the before and after pices of her dog.

See below pices of the maltese i m toking about.

After reading, i m sort of convice to switch their diet.

Firstly, i have a long coat Monster that shed like no body business. Yes - i understand chh is a shedding breed but my fav chevro and cayn and button dun seem to shed as much.

2ndly, i have a super duber double thick coat boy that seem to chew on his ichy hands everynite. Vet say its some sort of mild alergies. And i cant seem to noe what he is alergy to.

Yes, this two main reason is good enought for me to put aside more saving on their exp diet. Cutting down on supplements to replace this as well.

It been two weeks since they are on these new diet. For the first two days, Noti monster reject her food. 3rd and 4th day she start to eat but she puke out every single bones she could feel.(jappy boy is like a snake, the moment cookie puke - he will be frm behind vacum up all the bones) And now, she could finish up her meal in less than 5min. All thanks to Jappy boy. Jappy boy is the leader in this and each meal cookie watch him eat and slowly she accept the food as like jappy.

Verdict -
Their poo is not smell at all. And the portion that they poo is so little which is good as it mean they are absording the nutrients frm the meat they needed.

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