Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good people will have good return & the bad people will have their fall as well


Sunday, we brought Jappy boy back to his old place – My cousin house.
Jappy stay there for almost 6mths and all these while the maid love him a lot.
The maid who is the main care taker will be leaving spore back to her home town on Monday. Thus tinking it would most prob be the last time they met, I brought jappy back.

Still remember when Jappy first came to me, the maid cried and kept asking when is Jappy boy going back to the family.
But stil the maid doesn’t have the means and ability to protect and hold him. What can a maid do rite? My uncle simply want Jappy to be out as he mark and bark too much.
Guess, its just fated that Jappy boy is mine. Cos serious speaking, although he does make mistake and pee on our bed, but til date – he nv nv mark our house.
Unlike when he is at my uncle place. (heheh when he was for visiting, he mark like crazy again leh, and he actuali mark til – he hike his leg but no single drop of pee cum out cos he simply hike too MANY times liao)
Well, just so funi, at my place, he nv hike his leg at all. When ever he pee, be it in our toilet or accident mistake places, he pee wif his four legs on the ground.

Anyway, I found out some real horrible truth abt Jappy’s past. My uncle finali tel me the whole story of how Jappy cum about. All these while – I only heard story from my cousin and not frm my uncle.

Frm my understanding, Jappy boy belong to a Pilipino maid. I was then puzzling how could a maid own a dog but I quickly brush it off wif the ans of “there are many weird happening on earth mah so why not”.
Wel the real truth is Yes – Jappy boy belong to a pilipino maid in disguise. Lets gave the owner a nickname – PM for Pilipino maid k.
PM is actuali my uncle friend called Peter ‘s mistress. They noe each other way back and somehow Peter manage to get PM over as maid.
And he rent a pent house for her in east coast area convince for them to do their hangi panki. And of course jappy was a gift frm peter to PM cos PM love dog a lot.
Jappy was brought at a high price at 1.2k. Dun understand why would someone spent so much on a dog and yet later gave it away. In jappy case – I tink he is being used as a puppet to make PM happy.
After a yr, after the sweet little pup turn into adult....somehow PM had to go back to her own country thus she entrusted Jappy to her friend. And just after 3days, jappy was return.
And having her date to return her home town draw nearer, Jappy was passed on to Peter. Peter own a shop and jappy was leash tie to the entrance of the shop everyday.
Since my uncle is peter close friend and noeing my cousin love dog a lot, peter push my uncle to take in Jappy. And that how Jappy ended up wif my cousin.
And frm my cousin place, due to the marking issue and barking issue, uncle want him to be out and he was looking for anywan to take over him. Thats somehow the way I got this boy into my life.

Wel, I really tink that this PM is very irresponsible. Having noe the fact that she is here only temp why stil take on a dog. I m not trying to say I m a very good owner but the very least bit I noe I would not just gave up my babies like that. Frankly for those people who are tinking of having a dog and yet you cant commit yourself for at least 20yrs for the dog then I consider u as not fit to own one. True enough we may have our future plans, work commitment and etc but the dog only have U. If one cannot tie in the dog wif one's commitments then dun have a dog.
For those who already have a dog and for some reasons u say u cant continue keep it by ur side, then pls be good hearted enough to at the very least make sure the dog goes to a good home and not dump it anyway.

Good people will have good returns and the bad people will also have their fall.

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  1. Interesting story! More importantly Jappy is now with you! ^^