Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Collars


Order two handmade collars for the two babies. These new collars are meant to wear only when they goes for their swim. Ok, i guess u must be wondering why swimming need to wear collar as they are suppose to be in the water swimming on their own rite plus its an enclose area.
Here is the ans:

Collar for Monster is to make sure she dun get out of the pool and easier for us to catch her when she is on leash. This monster hate swimming and whenever we dump her into the pool she is so smart to swim to the nearnest steps and get out of the pool asap. So New Collar to leash her and make sure she does her laps.
Collar for Jappy is reali for safety reason. This boy cant swim at all. All the times he doesnt move except trap water at a corner. Sometime the wave will push him inward to the deep pool level and he seem as thoug he will drown anytime. Lousy swimmer. hahah we are stil working hard on him. So the new collar is suppose to leash him and for us to pull him to safety if needed.
I actuali order the collars from Animal Lover League. Part of the proceed will goes to the poor doggies in ALL. Why not rite? And more over the designs are all nice and trendy.
Cookie's new collar

Jappy's new collar

Other designs that i like

Remember in my earlier post that feature the two babies's T-shirt?
Also frm ALL. Here are some of the designs:

The Price List for the T-shirt

Below msg extract frm ALL online shop - (Do gave ur support)
Animal Lovers League is very pleased to showcase beautiful pet products for your precious furry friends. Cute tee-shirts, uniquely hand crafted collars, comfortable and creative looking beds in the shape of a cow and doggy carrier bags are on sale at affordable prices.
These items are not only nice to look at but they are of good quality, easy to maintain and washable.
We also have specially designed merchandise called the "A.L.L. Specials", like our newly created and beatiful Car Decals, practical Notebooks and Animal Greeting Cards featuring our very own Kennel dogs and cats.
On sale too are other products like the unique and innovative dust bins with auto sensors, and many more more coming your way. Keep a look out for updates.
Through the kind support from our wonderful Sponsors, revenue generated from these sales will be donated to Animal Lovers League for the cats and dogs at Pets Villa.
By purchasing one of our beautiful products you not only get a good quality item but you are also supporting us in our cause.
To verify the authenticity of our Online Shop Blog, we invite you to visit and view their merchandise page or send them an email at mhtml:%7BAA3ABDD3-9753-4B48-8E29-E1C5BE15315A%7Dmid://00000112/! to confirm our legitimacy.
This is dedicated to A.L.L.'s Kennel Dogs and Cats
Thank you for your kind support

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