Friday, July 31, 2009

Golden bake meat ball

Dis mornin,i wake up so dam early to prepare this 4 e babies. We are goin to club4paw 4 their swimmin session. So hahaha,e babies gonna work hard for their meat balls.
Ohya,wil b sendin jabby boy there 4 grooming. I gave up growin his fur.i gave up tryin to save money on his groomin. He got e most cottoney fur i ever feel b4, n nt only dat,his thick coat made his ichy due to e humid weather. N i actuali found him scratchin himself more. His cottoney fur gt matted at e end of e day n i had to slowely comb it throu to avoid it gettin worse. Did i mention b4 when jabby bog first cum to my cousin place,we simply cant comb him at al. As e matt were sign of neglect,its juz too painful 4 him whenever we try to comb n detangle it. Endin-we send him 4 a real botak cut,but stil my cousin didnt reali take care of him n he came to me as dirty too. I m nt goin to let e same ting happen again. So friends,stay tune 4 jabby new haircut pic-hehe plannin 4 a teddy bear cut 4 him.hoho

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