Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Two Babies


The two babies are getting fatter no matter how much i try to cut down on their food intake.
I discovered the main culprit is My MUM. of course, the two greedy babies play a part too.

Daily routine to me:

Morning Breakfast (portion very little)
On Yorgurt day they get one to two teaspoon each.

Dinner (portion very little too)

Totali no treats nor milk. Brought dehyrated treats for them only on days they go for swim or outting.

Hahaha and i soon realised even wif me not feeding them treats, somehow the treats seem lesser and lesser each day. Ghost ate it???

Finali My dearest mum confessed. Everyday without fail when she cum home after work at ard 3plus. The moment she step into the house, the two greedy babies started to whine for attention.(Wow finali someone is home) And each time they whined, mum would open the frigh took out the treats and gave each of them one big junk of treats.

As days goes by, haha greedy babies recognise her as the treats lady. Soon they began to "sing song " non stop, the moment she step into the house til they got their treats. Sometime, Jappy boy being the more impatient wan, would stand on his two and start stomping the floor.

Only after each of them gets what they hoping and look forward for the day, then they quiet down and each go to their lazing corner to rest while waiting for me = Dinner time.

Grhhhhh, My dear MUM is spoilting them. And both of them grew side way. I would say its alot.

Told mum to stop and she ans me : "Ask your two babies not to sing song lor"



  1. Same like DoMo granny! lol
    But I limit her to feed fruits only. :)

    According to her when boarding at her place, she feeds them 1/2 an apple a day! *without fail*

  2. wow urs so much better. I try keeping the treats away and u noe what - Mum turn bread into treats or whatever human food she could find. I reali fainted.