Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our 1.5km jog and walk


Beside providing the two babies wif healthy meals and treats, I knew that regular exercise is just as impt too.

All these while, we been bringing them to club4paw for their once a week swimming session(if possible) but stil I find it not enough at all especially for monster cookie.

Those who are closer to monster should know that this gal is a JRT in disguise under a bigger size Chihuahua body. She gots tons of energy that need to be burn off. Thus every nite Daddy dun mind her humping her Miss piggy. Daddy said it’s the only way for her to do some works. But however hard or long she does humping – she gets back her energy just after a slip of water. And friends, she is putting on tons of fats from our house treat lady(my dearest mum) so this made me determine to start our jog and walk session.

Last nite, daddy drive us to sengkang park(if I didn’t get the park name wrong). Its just somewhere near our house. I wasn’t even on track shoes hehee cos my only pair of track shoes gave way some mths ago liao. Its times new track shoes to cum in.

Upon reaching, Jappy boy run. He is so excited that he is the wan who start the ball rolling first. He ran at high speed. He look as though he is a furry ball flying in the air.
After much coxing and encouraging, cookie starting her pace too. Indeed, our family had fun. As we jog, we encourage each other to keep going. And I tink the two babies are enjoying as well as we praised them like nv before. We are like mad parents!! Hahaha

Half way though, jappy boy slow down wif his big fat tongue sticking out already. As he had a shorter muzzle, he was panting like hell. And daddy had to walk slowly wif him as he gashing to catch his breath.

Me and cookie continue our jog.

On the way home, our Jappy boy simply lay flat in the lift – didn’t even wan to move. Even when the lift door open, even when I threathen to let him stay there alone – he just not moving. And I had to carry this fat boy home.

Cookie dash to the water bowl. Hahaha and I tot hurray after their dinner mayb they be tired and would wan to just rest for the nite. But I was all wrong. I was rite only on Jappy boy. Yes indeed after dinner – he went straight into our room, lay on his mattress and I tel u this lazy boy was there the whole nite – resting.

While her mei mei The MONSTER – she is as usual. Like nothing happen before, she jump up and down the sofa, the bed. She went to the dustbin a hundred times. She bite and flang her toys all over. She dig our bed as if she is finding gold. She even had the energy to hump her miss piggy TWICE.

Perhaps the 1.5km is just not enough for MONSTER at all.

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  1. try 5km next time lol ! our mom & dad jogs us 5km to 7km per day every weekday. I think its a 99% guarantee u'll be so tired out, cookie! =p