Sunday, July 19, 2009

Should i cut his hair or should i not?


Jappy 's fur is growing real fast.

Had him trim a mth ago and its already dam long ard the face ard which made me reali cant stand the sight of it.

Not only its long, its smell of a Jappy's smell - more like a salvia smell, and its forever 24hrs wet no matter how many times i try cleaning him. And this boy love to wipe his wet mouth on the floor which i hated it so much.

So concluding is to send him for grooming rite. But then again if i wan to maintain a perfect clean short cut this would mean he had to have his cut every mth which result in buring $60 in my pocket every MTH. GRHHHHH.

Hubby said mayb we should try to keep the grooming within every 3 mths once which would help in cutting down expenses.

And this would mean, i have to comb him everyday which would take up an hr combing two dogs everynite.

Thats not all, franking i dun like to tie any knot on dogs as i feel that they look best natural but to jappy - i had no choice but to tie him like this. Does he look like ninja boy? hahaha
Ending - God pls make me richer. If not, i just had to learn to lower my expectation on maintianing a super non wet boy. LOL. :-)

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