Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its our dehyrated treat

Today,me n korkor recieved a parcel attention to our name. Wow i can tel right away its our yummy yum yum. Noti mummy open up e parcel n only let u smel e treats. E treats is wrapped n seal in a bag. But e smel of e hydrated prawn,beef,kuning fish,tendons are so strong causin me n korkor to drool already. Noti mummy refuse to gave us sum. Sum one pls enlighten my mummy...pls tel her its ok 4 dogs to b fat.
Dis dehydrated treats are air dried frm real raw meat wif no added salt nor flavourin nor any chemical. We had already stop al their commercial dog treats n they r only give these as treats. I want it e heathly way. But dis does nt mean they r free to have treat every now n then eSpeciali wif my dearest mum already been give them a gd big junk everyday. I m sori babies..mummy cant give u more as u already had enough. Can u believe it-they finish up 500g of dehyrated meat in juz two and a half weeks time leh.but yet i cant stop buyin coz if i dun buy,my mum is gonna turn bread into treats 4 them.

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  1. Hi Cookie and Jappy,

    My mummy also gives me dehydrated treats too. They are yummy and I "danced" my way to the fridge whenever mummy opens the fridge :P