Monday, July 27, 2009

Jappy first test


Jappy boy passed his first test wif flying colour.

Sat evening – Hubby and me was craving for Japanese food and our fav Japanese food is located at far east plaza. This authentic Japanese small rest always long que. Sometimes, we gonna wait for a full one hr before its our turn to order. Anyway – our craving for the food is so strong, we headed straight down.

Back home, it’s the first time ever we try not to barrier him off the living room. (we used to keep him and cookie in our master bedroom when we are not ard). Yes – we wanted to try and c if he ever does anyhow do his business ant.

Just some background, Jappy is an outdoor train dog however he will stil elimate himself whenever he cant control anymore. Sometimes he goes to the toilet and sometime he just dun. And when he dun, hahaha he will do it anywhere. Just back on the days when hubby went for his two weeks business trip, Jappy boy chose to poo poo rite in the middle of my living room. Yes – even wif me screaming on top of my voice, he just poo rite in front of me. And even after his business, he wag his tail like a hundred times showing me how contented he is. I flar up at him immedicatly. Part of me was very tired as I was left to do all the chores myself and I sort of vent all anger on him. This time round, I didn’t slap his butt instead I used the cold method treatment on him. I look into his eyes and turn away even wif his hundred times wag on his tail. I didn’t purposely chose to use this method – I m just so pissed off that I chose to ignore him.
I went to bath and u noe what – Jappy boy sneak into the toilet and peek at me. It’s the first time ever I seen his guilty look. He reali look so dam sad by me ignoring him.
After an hour of torturing him emotionally – I hug him and we make peace.

So back to home, I was hoping this incident would be imprint in his mind and that he would learn. So we tested it out.

After 3 long hrs, we are back home. First reaction is to check the sofa, the floor, the kitchen cabinet. Its was all clear. Next, the toilet.
Guess what – Our jappy boy pee in the toilet. A big puddle of his pee right in the middles where the shower area is. Hahaha – I praise him like as if e pee i saw was gold….real gold.

And i learn someting new abt him. Toward him the best method to make him learn is tons of attention and whenever he does someting not rite - all i need to do is flar up and ignore him. He will then be at his most miserable state that he will so called learn.

Hahahah he is totali opposite of cookie. All monster need is a slap hard on her butt and that is.

Anyway - All dogs are special on their own.

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