Friday, July 31, 2009

Golden bake meat ball

Dis mornin,i wake up so dam early to prepare this 4 e babies. We are goin to club4paw 4 their swimmin session. So hahaha,e babies gonna work hard for their meat balls.
Ohya,wil b sendin jabby boy there 4 grooming. I gave up growin his fur.i gave up tryin to save money on his groomin. He got e most cottoney fur i ever feel b4, n nt only dat,his thick coat made his ichy due to e humid weather. N i actuali found him scratchin himself more. His cottoney fur gt matted at e end of e day n i had to slowely comb it throu to avoid it gettin worse. Did i mention b4 when jabby bog first cum to my cousin place,we simply cant comb him at al. As e matt were sign of neglect,its juz too painful 4 him whenever we try to comb n detangle it. Endin-we send him 4 a real botak cut,but stil my cousin didnt reali take care of him n he came to me as dirty too. I m nt goin to let e same ting happen again. So friends,stay tune 4 jabby new haircut pic-hehe plannin 4 a teddy bear cut 4 him.hoho



Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our 1.5km jog and walk


Beside providing the two babies wif healthy meals and treats, I knew that regular exercise is just as impt too.

All these while, we been bringing them to club4paw for their once a week swimming session(if possible) but stil I find it not enough at all especially for monster cookie.

Those who are closer to monster should know that this gal is a JRT in disguise under a bigger size Chihuahua body. She gots tons of energy that need to be burn off. Thus every nite Daddy dun mind her humping her Miss piggy. Daddy said it’s the only way for her to do some works. But however hard or long she does humping – she gets back her energy just after a slip of water. And friends, she is putting on tons of fats from our house treat lady(my dearest mum) so this made me determine to start our jog and walk session.

Last nite, daddy drive us to sengkang park(if I didn’t get the park name wrong). Its just somewhere near our house. I wasn’t even on track shoes hehee cos my only pair of track shoes gave way some mths ago liao. Its times new track shoes to cum in.

Upon reaching, Jappy boy run. He is so excited that he is the wan who start the ball rolling first. He ran at high speed. He look as though he is a furry ball flying in the air.
After much coxing and encouraging, cookie starting her pace too. Indeed, our family had fun. As we jog, we encourage each other to keep going. And I tink the two babies are enjoying as well as we praised them like nv before. We are like mad parents!! Hahaha

Half way though, jappy boy slow down wif his big fat tongue sticking out already. As he had a shorter muzzle, he was panting like hell. And daddy had to walk slowly wif him as he gashing to catch his breath.

Me and cookie continue our jog.

On the way home, our Jappy boy simply lay flat in the lift – didn’t even wan to move. Even when the lift door open, even when I threathen to let him stay there alone – he just not moving. And I had to carry this fat boy home.

Cookie dash to the water bowl. Hahaha and I tot hurray after their dinner mayb they be tired and would wan to just rest for the nite. But I was all wrong. I was rite only on Jappy boy. Yes indeed after dinner – he went straight into our room, lay on his mattress and I tel u this lazy boy was there the whole nite – resting.

While her mei mei The MONSTER – she is as usual. Like nothing happen before, she jump up and down the sofa, the bed. She went to the dustbin a hundred times. She bite and flang her toys all over. She dig our bed as if she is finding gold. She even had the energy to hump her miss piggy TWICE.

Perhaps the 1.5km is just not enough for MONSTER at all.

The life of A stray

A life of a stray.
Born not into bloodlines of pedigrees only a stray I am Dirty, ticks infested, mad, dangerous, unworthy even comes into mindwhen one sees a stray/strays roaming around.
How many times do we try to understand or even take a second glance at them?
Tortured and Abused, heavy vehicles colliding into them (not tomention hit and run), starvation, eaten by foreign workers these strays are susceptible to the above and far more.
Rummaging thru rubbish bins for leftovers, the prize for the day?
Perhaps a chicken bone or some decaying meat.
Quenching their thirsts, they turn to muddy flower pots/ drains or even rotten fluid flowing out from the rubbish container.
A bittersweet sight to behold: the pitter patter of rain brings joy tothem as they lick off dew droplets from the leaves.
Have you tried to look deep within those tough, fearless, attitudesthese strays always portray?
Look harder and you will find one of the most sincere and unconditional love these strays will give; if given a chance.
The harsh reality fact is; sadly most of them don’t get to express it out.
With a simple plea to just perhaps live life a day more, would take twice/ three times more the effort compared to a lived in house dog.
A permanent solitude to call home seems like a fable told; only to beunfolded in dreams.
Would you care to make this dream a reality?
Would you care to let me walk by your side?
Would you care to make me yours?
I am a stray, love me for who I am and I will love you for who you are.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its our dehyrated treat

Today,me n korkor recieved a parcel attention to our name. Wow i can tel right away its our yummy yum yum. Noti mummy open up e parcel n only let u smel e treats. E treats is wrapped n seal in a bag. But e smel of e hydrated prawn,beef,kuning fish,tendons are so strong causin me n korkor to drool already. Noti mummy refuse to gave us sum. Sum one pls enlighten my mummy...pls tel her its ok 4 dogs to b fat.
Dis dehydrated treats are air dried frm real raw meat wif no added salt nor flavourin nor any chemical. We had already stop al their commercial dog treats n they r only give these as treats. I want it e heathly way. But dis does nt mean they r free to have treat every now n then eSpeciali wif my dearest mum already been give them a gd big junk everyday. I m sori babies..mummy cant give u more as u already had enough. Can u believe it-they finish up 500g of dehyrated meat in juz two and a half weeks time leh.but yet i cant stop buyin coz if i dun buy,my mum is gonna turn bread into treats 4 them.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jappy first test


Jappy boy passed his first test wif flying colour.

Sat evening – Hubby and me was craving for Japanese food and our fav Japanese food is located at far east plaza. This authentic Japanese small rest always long que. Sometimes, we gonna wait for a full one hr before its our turn to order. Anyway – our craving for the food is so strong, we headed straight down.

Back home, it’s the first time ever we try not to barrier him off the living room. (we used to keep him and cookie in our master bedroom when we are not ard). Yes – we wanted to try and c if he ever does anyhow do his business ant.

Just some background, Jappy is an outdoor train dog however he will stil elimate himself whenever he cant control anymore. Sometimes he goes to the toilet and sometime he just dun. And when he dun, hahaha he will do it anywhere. Just back on the days when hubby went for his two weeks business trip, Jappy boy chose to poo poo rite in the middle of my living room. Yes – even wif me screaming on top of my voice, he just poo rite in front of me. And even after his business, he wag his tail like a hundred times showing me how contented he is. I flar up at him immedicatly. Part of me was very tired as I was left to do all the chores myself and I sort of vent all anger on him. This time round, I didn’t slap his butt instead I used the cold method treatment on him. I look into his eyes and turn away even wif his hundred times wag on his tail. I didn’t purposely chose to use this method – I m just so pissed off that I chose to ignore him.
I went to bath and u noe what – Jappy boy sneak into the toilet and peek at me. It’s the first time ever I seen his guilty look. He reali look so dam sad by me ignoring him.
After an hour of torturing him emotionally – I hug him and we make peace.

So back to home, I was hoping this incident would be imprint in his mind and that he would learn. So we tested it out.

After 3 long hrs, we are back home. First reaction is to check the sofa, the floor, the kitchen cabinet. Its was all clear. Next, the toilet.
Guess what – Our jappy boy pee in the toilet. A big puddle of his pee right in the middles where the shower area is. Hahaha – I praise him like as if e pee i saw was gold….real gold.

And i learn someting new abt him. Toward him the best method to make him learn is tons of attention and whenever he does someting not rite - all i need to do is flar up and ignore him. He will then be at his most miserable state that he will so called learn.

Hahahah he is totali opposite of cookie. All monster need is a slap hard on her butt and that is.

Anyway - All dogs are special on their own.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jappy - grumpy face

My mummy keep puttin her hp in front of my face.n e hp gt a flash make my eyes pain. Mm,me so unhappi
Mummy tryin to take pic of u lah. N since when u learn to throw temper liao?
Hoho eeerh i learn frm u lor cookie mei mei.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Should i cut his hair or should i not?


Jappy 's fur is growing real fast.

Had him trim a mth ago and its already dam long ard the face ard which made me reali cant stand the sight of it.

Not only its long, its smell of a Jappy's smell - more like a salvia smell, and its forever 24hrs wet no matter how many times i try cleaning him. And this boy love to wipe his wet mouth on the floor which i hated it so much.

So concluding is to send him for grooming rite. But then again if i wan to maintain a perfect clean short cut this would mean he had to have his cut every mth which result in buring $60 in my pocket every MTH. GRHHHHH.

Hubby said mayb we should try to keep the grooming within every 3 mths once which would help in cutting down expenses.

And this would mean, i have to comb him everyday which would take up an hr combing two dogs everynite.

Thats not all, franking i dun like to tie any knot on dogs as i feel that they look best natural but to jappy - i had no choice but to tie him like this. Does he look like ninja boy? hahaha
Ending - God pls make me richer. If not, i just had to learn to lower my expectation on maintianing a super non wet boy. LOL. :-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daddy is not home yesterday


Yesterday, i been waiting for my daddy since dinner time is over. I lie at the end of the bed waiting and waitng but daddy nv cum home at all.

Mummy said daddy went overseas for business trip and we had to bare for 2weeks before daddy will be back. Dun understand what mummy trying to say.

I wan my daddy. I waited the whole nite without sleeping. Daddy, pls be home quick. Cookie miss Daddy.


I m gonna buy a big big rawhide for cookie gal. Hopeful she will chew her way to sleep tonite. God, pls gave this gal comfort when i m not ard.

As for jabby boy, hahha he didnt seem affect at all.

Hope the rawhide works for cookie!

The Two Babies


The two babies are getting fatter no matter how much i try to cut down on their food intake.
I discovered the main culprit is My MUM. of course, the two greedy babies play a part too.

Daily routine to me:

Morning Breakfast (portion very little)
On Yorgurt day they get one to two teaspoon each.

Dinner (portion very little too)

Totali no treats nor milk. Brought dehyrated treats for them only on days they go for swim or outting.

Hahaha and i soon realised even wif me not feeding them treats, somehow the treats seem lesser and lesser each day. Ghost ate it???

Finali My dearest mum confessed. Everyday without fail when she cum home after work at ard 3plus. The moment she step into the house, the two greedy babies started to whine for attention.(Wow finali someone is home) And each time they whined, mum would open the frigh took out the treats and gave each of them one big junk of treats.

As days goes by, haha greedy babies recognise her as the treats lady. Soon they began to "sing song " non stop, the moment she step into the house til they got their treats. Sometime, Jappy boy being the more impatient wan, would stand on his two and start stomping the floor.

Only after each of them gets what they hoping and look forward for the day, then they quiet down and each go to their lazing corner to rest while waiting for me = Dinner time.

Grhhhhh, My dear MUM is spoilting them. And both of them grew side way. I would say its alot.

Told mum to stop and she ans me : "Ask your two babies not to sing song lor"


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Blackie


Baby Backie - Yesterday i was reminded of u again. Your Mummy A wrote to a lady who need advise cos she found a few stray at her work place who is in need. She wrote tis to the lady:(extracted part of the words from the email)

Just treasure each minute and each day.
And I guarantee that after each feeding you will have a joy in your heart that
you did something good. Something that is hard express.
You will still feel sad that you can't take them home or move them to safety but
you will have a joy when you see the starving dogs eat.
Only feeders understand this.
Baby Blackie - do you noe that just by seeing u eat, mummy is already very happy.

Baby Blackie - do you noe that just by you cuming out to us even without ur waiging ur tails, mummy is already very happy.

Baby Blackie - do you noe that just by you responsing to our claps even when u doesnt wan to cum near, mummy is already very happy.

Baby Blackie - do you noe that just by hearing ur news, mummy is already very happy.(got news abt u meaning u are still ard)

Baby Blackie - do you noe how much mummy wish to prepare ur fav can food for you but mummy noe perphas u wont be there to enjoy anymore.

Baby blackie - do you noe we had put in our best for you but stil to mummy the best is nv enough. We still have lots more undone for u.

Baby Blackie - do you noe how much mummy wish to pick out those love plants that poke into your skin?( Mummy did pick out for ur babies too)

Baby Blackie - do you noe all ur babies got good great homes? (thanks to your Mummy A and Daddy T)

Baby Blackie - do you noe you have 3 Mummies that love u alot, and 2 Daddies that care for you alot too. They are Mummy A, Mummy R and me, Daddy T and Daddy C.

Baby Blackie - do you noe mummy miss you so much even after telling myselg its all rite - but baby blackie its nv all rite in mummy's heart.

Baby Blackie - do you noe mummy cant understand why? why baby blackie is not ard anymore.

Baby Blackie - do you noe we are suppose to brin u to safety soon but u are gone missing.

Baby Blackie - if you ever noe all these, will you then gave us a chance to cum near you?

If only you could noe.......

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Naughty Monster


Look at this naughty greedy Monster. She snatch Jappy 's chew and refuse to let go of her own too. She had two chews in her mouth. Poor Jappy went ard the house looking for his missing chew.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Whats dat?

Mm can sum1 tel me when dat ting on my head?-blur look
Jappy korkor - Dats a blue colourful butterfly. U dun like it? Need my help to take it off 4 u?
(evil smile-wahaha lucki my fringe nt long long. I,then dun wan to have dat ugly blue thingy on my head lor)

Monday, July 6, 2009

The ugly little rat

Mummy was doing housekeeping on her laptop and found this pic of me when i was 5mths old.

Mummy said i m super duber the ugly no hair rat then.

Do i look like wan?

My new hide out place

Mummy gt in a temp sofa,coz they r waitin 4 a new sofa to b in only aft 1mth(mummy warn us nt to place our butts on e new sofa but haha-i wil secretly smuggle up n enjoy myself there wan) anyway i got a new hide out place which jappy korkor cant invade into as korkor is too fat to crawl in liao.hahaha-i tel u this place is so gd 4 me,i can alway b on standby,snatch korkor treats n dash hide here.n then korkor cant reach me to take his treats back.hahaha who ask kor kor to b fat.