Friday, January 8, 2010

My Brothers' Happiness


Finali my wonderful brother is married. Brother had a broken 10yrs relationship wif someone before he met his wife. Then it was e darkest moment of his life. He was betrayed, broken and sad. That women was just not meant to be even if she had stay for so long. Wel, to me i see it and realised it doesnt matter how long but rather how deep is the love we share. Very happi that he found his happiness.

Stil remember, before i met calvin, brother is my pillar. He supported me, advised me, encourage me to continue my studies even after i didnt make it in my Olevel. He planned for studies which include the cost of it. He force me to save up then. I used to be alway complaining why cant i spend on cloths and had to surrender money to him - as i grew up, i understand. He is my greatest brother, he makes me who i am today in a way or rather.

Brother - if u ever happen to read this - Thank you very much for everything u have for me.

My Belove Brother and Me

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