Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burdock Roots for the babies


Hoho! i had finali found where to buy these Burdock Roots Powder. As some of our close friends would noe - i m suppose to boost cookie's immunity as instructed by the vet after her blood test done mths ago. There is a type of white blood cell in her blood dat was a little high which could be an indictor that her immunity was low. And that she is producing more white blood to fight infections or toxin in the body.

I had been gaving her Pet Alive Immunity support and i realise Burdock Roots was one of the main ingredient use for detox and boost immunity. Thus went to research on this herbs.

And finali - found where to buy this herb too. It cum in grinded organic powder form. Just one small teaspoon to be added to their weekly veg puree which i m doing.

Burdock Roots findings to be share -

Minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, iron, thiamine, silicon, inulin, and riboflavin, Vitamin B
· Antioxidant· blood cleansing · liver and gallbladder stimulant · nutritive · diuretic

Burdock is a highly effective herb for the detoxification of the body. Its chemical constituents can remove toxic substances that are increasingly threatening the health of our dogs. Burdock can be used as a long-term nutritive liver tonic to clean and build the blood.
It is also useful in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatoid disorders, kidney and bladder diseases resulting from poor waste elimination. It also has diuretic action that helps to eliminate waste materials from the body.
In addition, when taken as a tea or tincture, burdock root is effective in treating chronic or acute psoriasis or eczema. It can also treat flaky, oily, or inflammatory skin disorders as a result of an overload of toxic substances in the body.
One of its main constituents, inulin, is anti-inflammatory and helps correct imbalances of the immune system.

As burdock is a healthy food with no toxicity found, it can be given to our dogs in liberal quantity. Decoction of fresh or dried burdock root can be mixed in with our dog's food. Alternatively, a strong tincture of fresh or dried root in glycerin can also be used.

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