Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Sweet little gal

Cookie baby

Mummy had just cleared one paper last Friday. Baby Cookie Mummy hasnt forgotten abt u. Not abit at all. Mummy been controlling my tots, my misses, my pain, my hurts, my everything and deeply burnt myself in studying for the past two weeks. Mummy didnt write to u for the more i write, the more mummy cant hold on to myself. Cookie, i m sure u agreed and support mummy rite all these while.

My little baobei, Sunday Mummy went back to church. For the past two week due to the exam, Mummy had to gave it a miss for classmate are meeting up for group study. Baby cookie, Mummy feel that Mummy is so blessed. So blessed that mummy had a group of very nice classmates who hold me throu study these period.

So blessed that Mummy have a group of very nice, close friends, church mates, church, friends who understand Mummy's heart without even had to speak, they just knew it...Baby cookie, church had became a place where Mummy find so comfortable with. A place where Mummy could just cry and not having to b judge at, just cry and not having to make other worri abt me, just lay everything down and just be able to cry. Have not been crying these much not til Sunday. Crying bring off healing. Somehow Mummy find it so funni, the more i cry - the more i understand how deep my hurt was.

Baby, Mummy recieved a wonderful gift. A gift which money cannot buy. Its a hand drawn pic of u baby.
Its not a normal pic, Its a pic of love.
A pic that was drawn out of love. A meaningful piece of gift from someone who have any see u before.
But only know u and know Mummy. Knowing the same old pain that she once had before which Mummy is feeling just rite now, she pen it all down into this beautiful paper. Baby cookie, Mummy wonder how it will be like if u had know her before?
How would baby react to her? Mummy wonder.
Baby cookie, u have ur likes and dislike and Mummy nv seem to understand nor know how u different them.
U like certain people and love them all the way (even if its just countable) U dislike certain people and snap at them whenever u see.
Mummy wonder how u would treat this kind friend who had drawn this pic of love out and given it to Mummy.
As Mummy are wondering, Mummy got a sense that she would fall into that countable group. She will rite Baby?
U surely sense her love for u and Mummy rite?
Baby cookie, even when u no longer are ard, Mummy still be able to feel u....
Your presence stil around, in the hearts of those who noe u just as how Mummy received this hand drawn pic of u.

My Sweet little Cookie

A, if u are reading this, I thank u for letting me be able to feel her even when she is gone. I feel that god have blessed me so much. And u too. U have a great gift god given to u...and by this pic u had touch my life.
To another A, this journey would be hard to imagine if u wasnt ard wif me. In years to came, u be away to another country. I promiss and i m sure i b a stronger person by then. Stronger becos u help in molding me as one

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