Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our heathy treats


Recently we brought a new dehydrator. This hydrator are suppose to dry treats for the two babies. Well, good plus point is i can add whatever i want it to go into my babies tummy. hahah

Last two week, we dry rosemarry pork for them.

And u noe what - as we are preparing the pork and the rosemarry. Ohya - Daddy help to slice he meat while i m suppose to lay the meat nicely in the tray for the system to dry it. After, laying each one nicely, i wanted to place the tray to the system. Just as i open up the system and wanting to fix the tray in, noti greedy cookie snap one big pcs of meat and ran off. She was so fast, that i could nt stop her, well i didnt even scream at her, not that i dun wan to scold her, but i was too slow, by the time my shock was gone, the pcs of meat was share by the two happily ever.

Yes, she so smart, she aim at me and when i was in the action of "Jelly Bean" she snap and ran. And she ran off fast. Surprise that Jappy boy join in her fun. As she ran off wif the meat in her mouth, Jappy boy ran after her. Cookie bite the meat into two, one was drop on the floor, the other in her mouth and there she goes, running away from me - the Mad Mummy.

Jappy boy attack the wan that was on the floor. ohya - dun tink cookie is kind to leave one for his kor kor. It is more that she cant help but to save at least one in her mouth cos her mad mummy is chasing after her. If given enought time, bet she will have the whole.

After these, we are v v super careful liao. And for the whole nite, she guard over the system. If not for me who carry her into the room, i bet she be sleeping like this the whole nite long.


  1. Hi, may I know where did you buy the dehydrator from?

  2. wahahahha... can't stand her... so cute!!

  3. We need to learn that trick from you Cookie!