Sunday, February 28, 2010

Was Away


Havent been blogging for a long while. Well, we were super busy. Not the dogs but the human. hehehe

Hubby and myself went on a chinese new year trip to beijing. The weather was so cold nite time its was average -5degree. Nv had i been to such cold countries before, so it a great experience for me. But frankly having experience the coldness already, i guess i will try to avoid winter period when we travel next time. It just too cold to stand. The tones of heat pack just doesnt seem hot in such cold weather. There isnt any heat cuming out from it, perphas its just too cold. Nose and hand get numb til i couldnt feel. For once - i tot my nose would drop if i rub too hard. haahah. Laugh at me if you want, when you all know the number of pants i put on. Its 5pairs. Yes i mean it. Hubby say i scare to die in cold...Tel you all the truth, in such cold weather - I reali dun care if i look nice or not, if others were to know and i will be laugh at. I simply cant care so much except to keep myself warm. I even put on a grey dam ugly wool cap on my head to protect my head cos i feel like my brain is frezzing too.

Well for the whole trip - except the weather everything is beautiful. Stay tune for pices k.

For the two babies... oh my sticky superglue babies are doing very well cos for this trip, i left the two of them home wif my parent taking care of them. Mum and Dad are learning well. They feed, comb and clean them daily after each meals. Except noti cookie wan to bite them when they try to clean her mouth. Jappy was forever ok dog, given in to every thing they do to him.
Bet they must be happi cos they PUT ON WEIGHT just for that 5days that i m AWAY.
To me, they are already Two FATTI before my trip. and now they put on even more. OMG

Cookie was 4kg when i left for singapore. All these while, my ideal weight for her was 3.8kg. She was once that weight but that was when she was ill. After she recover, she start to grow to 4kg. Dr Tong find her just nice at 4kg, not too fat nor skinny. so she was on and off diet - nv reali put in enought for her diet scheme though. But now, she is weighting 4.1kg. she put on a good 100g.

Jappy first cum to us weighting 5.6kg and we try to feed him more. Within two mths he put on to 5.8kg. And his portion of food remain til suddenly we realised he bloom to 6.4kg. Ideali, i wish he was 6kg. Dr Tong also comment he should be ard 6kg to 6.4kg. Try not to grow more then that. And now he bloom even more by also another 100g.

Should i reali start cutting their diet?